Friday, 31 July 2015

Learning About Explanation Writing

My Reflection
I have learning about Explanation writing. I now know that Explanation writing tell's about how something works. I found the quiz easy because I learned about it last year and I had some information from last year. My next step is to write my own Explanation.

Friday, 24 July 2015

Planting Native Tree's T3 W1

Smash! As I put the spade into the ground. We were planting native plants.On Tuesday Room 28\29 were planting plants behind the back field. There were 3 helper's their names were Anna,Carl and Paul.Firstly Anna said that we had to get into pairs. Me and Dee were a pair. Paul taught us a special technique to plant a plant. There were three different types of plants we could plant. Their names  were Flax,Toi-toi and cabbage tree. Me and Dee chose the Flax first. Next we were planting. First you had to make a square in the ground and dig,dig,dig! Then you had to see if it is deep enough to plant it. After that you get a tablet that is called a fertiliser. You put it in the hole and put your plant over the top then you fill around the side of the plant with dirt and then you stomp around the plant to flatten it. Me and Dee planted 5! The ones we planted were 2 Flax's, 2 Toi-toi's and 1 cabbage tree. I got my hand's all dirty! Finally we washed our hand's and went back to class.
I felt happy because I like gardening.
I can not wait to see them grow