Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Term 2 Week 10

Last week Elm Park School did some Matariki rotation's for Matariki. It was in house groups. I was in group 16 with Johnny.Each group did three activities

First we went to room 30 with Mrs Howard.We did hand games.I felt confused because I had to tell the year 1's how to play but they did not listen. I felt tired because I tried to tell them but they just went away

Next we went to room 17 and made these thing that go round and round. It was hrd to make them because you had to put a piece of string through tiny hole.

Then we went to room 3 and made kites. It was hard because you had to fold a piece of paper on a line and it was super hard.I learnt that when Maori people were around they used kites to communicate.

Overall I thought It was fun because I learnt new things.
My favorite activity was the kite one
My next step is to learn more Maori so that I can understand more  

Monday, 22 June 2015

My Speech brainstorm

We are learning to do a speech.
This is my brain storm.
Overall I thought It was pretty hard to think of facts to impress my audience.
My favorite part was writing my speech.
My next step is to put back up reason's in my speech

Friday, 19 June 2015

Kaitiaki Art

This is my Maori god.
We created them because it was matariki.
Mine is called Marama.
Hope you like mine!

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Term 2 Week 9 Recount

Last Friday our school rugby team played a rugby game. We played star of the sea on our school reserve to represent our school.

First we trained before the game. We did bear crawling, rucking,bum kicks,high knee's, and diving I was pretty tired after that.

Next we kicked off the game. The ref, who came all the way from Hamilton, blew the whistle. I was off for the first half.  The other team mostly had the ball and our team mostly tackled in the first half.

Then we finished the first half and I was on for the second half. I was excited because I had allot of energy.We kicked off the second half. We did heaps more tackling. We scored a try in the last 5 minutes. My friend called Dee got the conversion.

Finally we ended the game we said good game to each other.It was pretty tough because the other team had a good line up. I think our team could improve on our forwards coming up and getting in the rucks and mauls.

Overall, I thought it was pretty hard - the other team were pretty good.
My favorite part was when I ran 10 meters.
I am looking forward to my improvement in rugby and our next game


Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Term 2 Week 7

Room 28\29 went to Te Tuhi. Te Tuhi is in Pakuranga near the plaza. The year 5's went last Monday and the year 4's went last Thursday.We were invited to make vertical gardens so Te Tuhi could display them at Te Tuhi.  It took 3 trips! But we manged it.

First we cut a plastic bottle and cut  a square at the back so we could hang it up. It was hard because the bottle was hard  and squishy. We had to cut the bottle in a speicel way so it could hang up for desplay.

 Next we Decorated our plastic bottles with stickers and vivid we could write on the stickers or we could just write on with vivid. We writed down words that describe our environment.

After that we put some pummis in and it looked like cow poo! We used a bottom of a bottle to scoop it out. We had to put it up to half way.

Then we had to put some soil in about to the top. Then we pot a plant in I put a lettuce in. It was kind  of hard because the plant was slipery.

After everybody was finished we played a game of hangman. The last one was really hard. It was  25 letter word.

Finally we looked at a 3D art work. It was really cool if you could touch it it would feel 3D.

I felt happy because I was learning sometihng new.