Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Favourite Moments

My Reflection:
I was learning to make a Tagul about my favourite moments of the year in room 28\29.It was hard because it was my first time doing a Tagul and I didn't know what to do.I enjoys seeing what I had made.My next step is to put more words in it.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

My End of Year Reflection

This year I learnt how to do ratios. An important decision I made this year was sitting at the front of the mat.One goal I accomplished this year is learning decimals.This year I tried to be a better person by trying harder and doing more practise in my maths and reading.My favourite memory from this year was when I went up 5 levels in reading.The funniest thing that happened this year was when Mrs Melville's puppy peed on Micahs leg!

Swimming Dolphins

I am learning to to back stroke all the way to the other side of the pool.I need to practise to keep my legs off the ground when I am doing back stroke.I know when I am doing back stroke good because when I have my back up and my arms are touching my ears then touching my thighs.

My Fractured Fairy Tale

My Reflection
I was learning to write a Fractured Fairy Tale.
Overall I thought it was fun because I liked making up the story.
My favourite part was making up the story because I like making up stuff.
My next step is to put more detail in it.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Term 4 Week 6

On Friday last week Room 28\29 went to the reserve  by the school and were going to play sports. So we got into the groups and the groups were..... the Year 4's up against the Year 5's.We were going to play... Soccer Baseball. It is when you put 3 soccer balls on 3 cones. Then you place some cones in a triangle shape.Then you make another square inside the triangle.After that the other team goes and spreads out in the spaces.

First of all it was the Year 4's that got to kick first and the year 5's had to field.When the Year 4's got to kick we got heaps of points at the start.First it was Dee,Micah and Joshua.They got 6 points for us. In 2 kicks we had all ready got 12 points.Then it was my turn I was with Peter and Ella.I kicked it and WHAM! I kicked it about 20 meters.Then I started running I nearly got around 2 times but the Year 5's got all the balls on the cones.At the end of it and all the Year 4's had a turn we had 25 points.

Then it was the Year 5's turn to kick and our turn to field.I went to field and  positioned my self by the square.Then the Year 5's kicked and they made 2 laps.Time went by and we saved heaps of them.Then it was the final one and they needed 5 points to win and they kicked and they started running.They got round once now they only need 2 more points to win and we only need to put one more ball on one of the cones.

Finally it was the end and the Year 4's had 25 points and the Year 5's had..... 26 points.Then everybody went home.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Term 4 Week 5

On Saturday some of my Dads friends came to celebrate my Dads birthday.Before they got to our house my Mum had to make the food.It took us about 2 to 3 hour but in that time we made cake,potatoes,pork and tiramisu. At about 5:00 they got here we had some food and had a pillow fight.

Then the other people got here and we played some rugby in the lounge with a plush minion and my team won 27-20.Then my Dad got home from his meeting.We all said happy birthday.After that we had dinner we had pork,salad,sausages,garlic bread and potatoes.

Then we went down to the drive way and got the fire pit out and started a fire in the fire pit.After that we got the fire works and we had about 50 fireworks.So we did about ten of them and I was running around the fireworks and then my mum said "Don't do that or your pants will get singed".

 So I went and got some new pants on.Then we did all of them and then we went inside and had another pillow fight when you had to try and get Kevin the minion and who ever had it at the end is the winner.After that we had dessert we had ice cream,tiramisu and cake and watched a movie.We watched paper planes. Finally everybody left at about 11:30.Then I went to bed a about 12:00.

Fractured fairy tale

My Reflection
I am learning to write a Introduction to a Fractured Fairy Tale.
Overall I thought it was hard because it was hard to pick of a story to base it on.
My Favorite part was writing the story because I like making stuff with my brain and making stuff up.
My next is to put more detail in and making it a bit more interesting.

Friday, 6 November 2015

World Cup Recount

Last Sunday it was the day the Rugby World Cup Final.The All Blacks vs The Wallabies.The All Blacks came out of the tunnel and Richie Mcaw led them.Then the Wallabies came out of the tunnel and stood on the other side of the All blacks.About 5 minutes later the All Blacks performed the Haka. About 10 minutes later the Wallabies sang their Anthem.Then the All blacks sang their Anthem.Then the game started the Wallabies kicked of and we ran.After about 30 minutes later Aaron smith passed to Richie Mcaw and then he passed to Skutter and Skutter scored in the corner and the crowd went Wild!!! Then Dan carter got the conversion. That means it is 7-0 to the All Blacks.Then it was half time. Everybody in the stands went to get food at half time.

Then the second half started and the All Blacks kicked of this time.The Wallabies caught it and ran with the ball.Then 10 minutes later the Wallabies dropped the ball and Sonny bill Willaims picked it up and got tackled but just before he got to the ground he flicked it to Ma a Nonu and he ran and scored. Then Dan carter  got the conversion so that means it is 14-0. Then the All blacks kicked form half way.Then about 20 minutes later Ben Smith did a tip tackle on one of the Australians.The ref said it was a yellow card.About 5 minutes later the Wallabies scored a try and got the conversion. The score is 14-7. About 5 minutes later they scored again and got the conversion that means the score is 14-14.Then Julia Savea ran down the side line and scored.Then Dan Carter got the conversion. Now it is 21-14.Then the Wallabies got a penaltie. They went for the penaltie goal and they got it now it is 21-17.Then Dan Carter got a field goal from 45 meters away.Now it is 24-17

2 minutes before the game ended the Wallabies dropped the ball and Ben Smith picked it up and stepped not 1 but to and grubbed it and Buedan Barrett chased and chased and then he scored and the crowd went WILD!!!!  

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Narrative Writing

My Reflection
I am learning to write a narrative.
Overall I thought it was tricky because it was hard to think of ways to describe it.
My favorite part was sorting out the parts of the story.
My next step is to describe more specifically.